Over the last fifteen years Micah has become an authority in general to advanced exercise and fitness training. His life's work is to help his clients not only believe, but also achieve their personal best. Micah’s comprehensive knowledge of physical fitness is at the heart of Phys. Ed. Studio’s intuitive, client specific fitness regimens. He's developed and implemented programs for high end clientele including notable Hollywood actors and celebrities. 

Micah flexes his numerous training and health certifications to craft fitness experiences to meet his client's unique needs. This includes: weight loss, muscle-building, post-injury recovery, and flexibility training with total body strength and conditioning. His focus on easy to learn techniques and the essentials of physical fitness resulted in positive, life altering transformations for many.

In his spare time Micah paints figuratively abstract watercolor and enjoys feeling the wind on his face as he cycles through the neighborhood on one of his vintage bicycles. Having an artistic blend of the finer aesthetics, and a gift to read client energy, he creates the right balance of athletic education, and qualifying fitness goals.


Debbie's personal battle with weight loss allows her to connect to clients with a deeply compassionate approach. 

Her fitness journey was seeded with the desire to make a positive change in her lifestyle. After making her health a priority, Debbie took a brave first step by enrolling in a local bootcamp. With her newfound commitment to a healthy lifestyle, she soon discovered the enjoyment of exercise. Her mission continued as she prepped for marathons, hired a personal trainer, purchased a bicycle, and even developed a skill-set in skipping rope.

Today Debbie stands proud as Phys. Ed. Studio's lead certified trainer. She's eighty pounds lighter, stronger, healthier and happier than ever. Over her last four years in the fitness profession, Debbie gained experience training notable entertainers and actors to help get their bodies ready for the camera.

She's most passionate about fitness and helping others feel great about themselves. Debbie tailors functional strength training and body conditioning exercises for all fitness levels. She delivers workouts that focuses on building both physical and mental strength, which she believes is the key to achieving long lasting results. 

Outside of Phys. Ed. Studio, Debbie enjoys the company of her family, writes, and enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking with her dog, and practicing calisthenics. She's educates her clients to help them develop active lifestyles, and explore greater goals for themselves. She's a natural born leader, with a limitless training regimen. 


Jason’s fitness journey started with his passion for high school athletics. His talents in football generated multiple scholarship opportunities, but his hopes quickly dwindled after a career ending injury. Instead of quitting athletics, Jason rebuilt his body in the off season and found a new outlet for his skills - helping others through personal fitness.

With a newfound drive to help others reach their personal best, Jason focused on combatting the youth obesity epidemic starting with grade levels 1 to 5. During these long sessions, he lead the children through dynamic stretching, and workouts that build speed and strength. Paying close attention to form and mechanics, the children achieved amazing weight loss results in a short period. Enriching their lives through proper diet and exercise was a truly heartwarming experience.

Jason moved on to assist high school and college coaching staff with performance training for the athletes. He led group classes and conducted private personal training  sessions with individuals. Over time he trained middle school, high school, college, and professional athletes in the sports of football, basketball, baseball, softball, and soccer. This wide variety of training experiences helped Jason create flexible workouts that help people of all types achieve their best.

In his spare time Jason enjoys water based athletics, spending time with the family, pick up basketball games, and listening to the best hip-hop music available.


A true Angeleno, born and raised in Silver Lake, Karl played competitive basketball and football in local leagues for six years combined. This motivated him to focus on fitness from an academic perspective. During his course of studies, Karl supported fitness initiatives for senior citizens at local nonprofits in the Long Beach area, offering physical assessments and personal training. He eventually earned a Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Fitness at Cal State Long Beach.

Karl moved on to the world of corporate fitness, which brought new challenges to the fold. During these years he developed and trained for the wellness programs at notable organizations including Mattel, The Getty Center, and Chevron. One of Karl’s proudest moments was his implementation of a custom exercise program for Chevron’s Emergency Rescue Team, a speciality first response unit for large scale oil refinery incidents.

He spent the last six years refining his training methods in multiple disciplines, including strength training and functional fitness. He approaches client training with a hands on approach, training himself and then sharing the results, while giving reasons as to why certain exercises are selected rather than another. His workouts offer a variety of mobility techniques to aid in improving posture and reducing the risk of injuries. In his free time, Karl enjoys off-roading, fishing, and basically anything outdoors.

AVAILABILITY: Karl is a part time trainer with personal training appointments in the evening and Saturday. Please join him for a dynamic Group Fitness Circuit class!

The studio in itself is AWESOME! Clean, well equipped, fantastic jams, and good vibes! The training team works you like crazy and pushes you to your limits but DEFINITELY makes you want to come back for more! If you’re looking a studio with personal attention and high motivation…this is the place for you!
— Ericka C