Over the last fifteen years, Micah has become an authority in general to advanced exercise and fitness training. His life's work is to help his clients not only believe but also achieve their personal best. Micah’s comprehensive knowledge of physical fitness is at the heart of Phys. Ed. Studio’s intuitive, client-specific fitness regimens. He's developed and implemented programs for high-end clientele including notable Hollywood actors and celebrities. 

Micah flexes his numerous training and health certifications to craft fitness experiences to meet his client's unique needs, including weight loss, muscle-building, post-injury recovery, and flexibility training with total body strength and conditioning. His focus on easy to learn techniques and the essentials of physical fitness resulted in positive, life-altering transformations for many.

In his spare time, Micah paints figuratively abstract watercolor and enjoys feeling the wind on his face as he cycles through the neighborhood on one of his vintage bicycles. Having an artistic blend of the finer aesthetics, and a gift to read client energy, he creates the right balance of athletic education, and qualifying fitness goals.


Debbie's battle with weight loss allows her to connect to clients with a deeply compassionate approach. 

Her fitness journey started with the desire to make a positive change in her lifestyle. After making her health a priority, Debbie took a brave first step by enrolling in a local boot camp. With her newfound commitment to a healthy lifestyle, she soon discovered the enjoyment of exercise. Her mission continued as she prepped for marathons, hired a personal trainer, purchased a bicycle, and even developed a skill-set in skipping rope.

Today Debbie stands proud as Phys. Ed. Studio's lead certified trainer. She's eighty pounds lighter, stronger, healthier and happier than ever. Over her last four years in the fitness profession, Debbie gained experience training notable entertainers and actors to help get their bodies ready for the camera.

She's most passionate about fitness and helping others feel great about themselves. Debbie tailors functional strength training and body conditioning exercises for all fitness levels. She delivers workouts that focus on building both physical and mental strength, which she believes is the key to achieving long-lasting results. 

Outside of Phys. Ed. Studio, Debbie enjoys the company of her family, writes and enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking with her dog and practicing calisthenics. She educates her clients to help them develop active lifestyles, and explore more significant goals for themselves. She's a natural born leader, with a limitless training regimen. 



gillian trainer photo.png

Gillian’s fitness journey began in high school while she was captain of the cheerleading team. She quickly realized the importance of posture and strength while throwing and catching her teammates during halftime. Naturally, she found her way into the octagon in 2016 when she won her first MMA fight.

Gillian officially entered the professional fitness world teaching cardio kickboxing while she earned her BA in Political Science at Pace University. Soon after, she took on operations and management for a boutique fitness studio in New York. There she began her training a specific HIIT style that focused on kettlebells and TRX.

While training Muay Thai kickboxing, she suffered injuries which held her back from competing. Luckily, she discovered Pilates in London and has never looked back. After healing her own body through her practice, she has dedicated her career to healing pain through strength training, Pilates and martial arts. She now is an active competitor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA. 



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Matthew’s ability to balance regiment with compassion is one of his greatest strengths. He has developed a unique training method by utilizing his background in team sports, weightlifting, skateboarding, and martial arts. His clients train to meet and exceed the demands of everyday life in Los Angeles.

He designed a class for individuals with little to no exercise experience called “Kill Yourself” where he encourages everyone to be better than they were, by killing their negative mindset in order to LIVE life to the fullest. As class leader for the LAPD candidate advancement program, he delivered stretching and conditioning exercises that focused on weight loss and functional movement in a strict paramilitary environment. After skateboarding for over 20 years, he's been able to transition this creative movement practice into unique physical training applications that utilize environments and modalities aimed at injury prevention and power development.

On the weekends Matthew is an active member of Angelus Temple, and he volunteers with the Dream Center Adopt a Block program, where he finds fun ways to engage mental and physical activities with young children.

The studio in itself is AWESOME! Clean, well equipped, fantastic jams, and good vibes! The training team works you like crazy and pushes you to your limits but DEFINITELY makes you want to come back for more! If you’re looking a studio with personal attention and high motivation…this is the place for you!
— Ericka C