Our Programs

Group Fitness Circuit

Our training is safe, top notch and high-end. Based behind extensive personal training and athletic backgrounds, we specialize in moderate to high impact group Fitness Circuit classes throughout the week. Schedules and times may vary upon season, and are based on availability with a limited first come, first serve basis. We guarantee you’ll leave with a stellar total body workout, that will complement and approve a healthy lifestyle.

What is Fitness Circuit?

If you’re crunched for time in a varied workout, our Fitness Circuit classes delivers a range of total body exercises. You’ll learn how to choose your weights and negotiate your true strength with real resistance vs. machinery planes of movement, typically found in most facilities. In a group up to ten members, each different exercise will be explained and set to order in 2 min. timed circuits. At time completion, each member will rotate to next station to experience another natural plane of strength and balanced movement.

NOTE: Some local outdoor activity instruction may be provided. This may include light to moderate jogging, scenic stair climbs, and brief park activities. Please dress appropriately for a cross training type of workout.

Who is Fitness Circuit Class For?

Regardless if you haven't exercised (like forever), or are an avid fitness guru always looking to vary your weekly workouts, you’ll leave wringing your shirt! This is a class of all levels as we specialize in progressive movements.

Everyone is given individual, clear and patient instruction from our trainers. All exercises can be modified to your fitness level, even some opportunities from past injuries and even post pregnancy. We’ve geared this class specifically for those that want a good sweat without feeling intimidated, want to try something new and effective, (and really) don’t have two hours to burn in the gym after work. In addition, you’ll meet a friendly group of people in a non-competitive environment.

A trainer who listens, cares and pushes you to your limits, all while offering positive reenforcement? It really doesn’t get better than that.
— Brittany G.